Stratton Methodist Church

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We will advise when we can reopen

We have a monthly project called Community Kitchen, taking place every second Saturday – we offer food, clothing and a place to meet for anyone who wants to come.  Initially we had hoped to attract those from the local community and indeed we have made some good contacts.  However, it quickly became apparent that we were meant to be serving people on a wider scale and we developed links with Booth House and with a breakfast club serving the homeless in the town. This work continues to grow and we are excited to see where God leads us next.
We pick up in a Dial a Ride mini-bus from Broad Street at 10am and then Booth House around 10.30am.

We begin with cooked breakfast, then have time to chat and read the papers before a cooked lunch is served. The menu changes every month.

The mini-bus then returns to the two pick-up points in Swindon at around 1.45pm.

Serving lunch at Community Kitchen                    Making pies

Dial a ride                              Lunch