Stratton Methodist Church

Holy Habits


The book Holy Habits was written by Andrew Roberts, a Methodist minister who serves as a Discipleship specialist in the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network.

Holy Habits explores the call the Christian discipleship through a rich mixture of biblical material and inspiring stories.  Both the nature and nurture of the disciples are explored.  The life-giving, transforming role of the 10 habits seen in Acts 2 are re-imagined for personal and community life today.

Logo wit 10 Holy Habits

The ten habits and when we are looking at them are:

  • Eating together
  • Prayer
  • Worship
  • Biblical teaching - May and June 2019
  • Breaking bread - July and August 2019
  • Fellowship - September and October 2019
  • Gladness and generosity - November and December 2019
  • Giving - January and February 2020
  •  Service - January and February 2020
  • Making more disciples - March and April 2020
The North Wiltshire Circuit is following the Holy Habits programme for 2 years - 1 habit every 2 months - being studied in services and mid week meetings.
At Stratton we are using the material every Sunday, as far as possible, and at our Bible Fellowship group too.

The idea is to learn about a habit and continue practising it, while then going onto the next one and the next one until all ten are complete.
There is much to learn and much to be gained, both individually and as a church family, through this process and we look forward to what God has to show us during this time of sharing together.