Stratton Methodist Church

Prayer 2020

Pray in 2020 on the 20th of each month at 20:20 for 20 minutes. Pray… that God will give many opportunities to speak about Christ (Colossians 4:3 NLT).

This is the invitation from HOPE Together to Christians of all denominations. Through Prayer 2020 we are asking God to work through all that is done in 2020 – personal witness;  church outreach plans in villages, towns and cities; stadium events – evangelisation in all its many forms. 

2020 is such a significant year and Prayer 2020 is a key part of the year. Churches and ministries are working together for an intentional, strategic and Spirit-filled year of mission across the UK called Advance 2020. HOPE Together is one of the major partners alongside many others. 

Saturday 20th June 2020
God of all generations, we thank you for every young person that has put their trust in you. We pray that they would be given confidence and boldness to share their story with their friends. Give them support through family, friends and youth leaders to enable them to follow in your ways (John 14:6).

Monday 20th July 2020
Gracious God, thank you for the Hope Spaces giving people who don’t know Jesus a chance to experience his love and hope for themselves. We pray for all who visit, write prayers and engage, that they will discover the answer to their prayers is in coming to know Jesus  (John 15:7).

Thursday 20th August 2020
Living Lord Jesus, thank you for the festivals, Bible weeks and summer missions run by Christians fr
om different denominations. May the impact of us all working together in unity continue through churches in every community so that many people will put their trust in Jesus Christ (John 17:20).

Sunday 20th September 2020
Heavenly Father, we thank you for all those people who will be joining groups to learn more about the truth of Jesus this autumn. We pray for questions to be answered, for fears to be removed and for healing to be experienced, as they encounter more of your grace and truth (John 10:7).

Tuesday 20th October 2020
Lord Jesus, we bring to you today all those who are feeling far from you, whether through choice or life circumstances. We pray that you will bring people alongside them to bring comfort and give them the courage to come to you for help (John 7:37).

Friday 20th November 2020
God of compassion, thank you for coming to seek and save the lost. Help us in all that we do to look out for those in our communities who are living on the margins. May we always seek to bring your love and justice (John 10:14).

Sunday 20th December 2020
Gracious Father, thank you for sending Jesus into our world to bring hope for all. We ask for the light of your love to reach into many hearts this Christmas season and draw those we have been praying for to put their trust in you (John 3:16).