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Bearing the brunt 

We have seen the suffering in Ukraine. The shockwaves from that conflict are reverberating around the world. Fuel and food prices are rising. We can feel that here in the UK, yet it is the poorest countries and communities – many of whom are already facing multiple crises – that will once again bear the brunt.

Across the greater Horn of Africa region (including Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya), a terrible hunger crisis has been building following the worst drought there since 1981 – 13 million people are experiencing severe hunger every day. Yemen and Afghanistan are also on the brink of famine. Conflict and climate change are pushing millions of people towards total disaster.

With the world’s attention focused on Ukraine, there is a risk that the needs of these people will go unmet.

You can help ensure that doesn’t happen. Together, as the church, we can pour out the healing, restoring love of God. We are never without hope: there are practical things we can do today.

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The impact of the church

Local churches all around the world have adapted and found ways to respond to the challenges of Covid-19. Hear from some of Tearfund’s country directors as they share the excellent ways local churches have been making a difference in their communities.

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As Syria marks 11 years of conflict – signifying more than a decade of violence, fear, homes being lost and families being torn apart – the local church is leading the way in rebuilding and restoring communities. Bishop Botros Kassis, from one of Tearfund’s church partners in Syria, calls us to prayer:

O Lord, show that you are the God who is capable of everything. You are the victor and the strong, you are the Saviour and the lover of mankind. The Earth needs you, Lord; it needs your grace; it needs your peace. Do not delay from us. Show your glory, which was shown to the disciples, so that they may believe that you are the Son of God in truth. Show it in our lives and help us. Amen.

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