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Anyone looking for gift/donation ideas then check out ALL WE CAN

Practical gifts that help people in some of the world’s poorest communities to become all that they can.

From providing a child in Uganda with a bicycle to get to and from school, to ensuring that a family in Zimbabwe has clean water to drink– you will find gifts to capture the hearts and imaginations of your loved ones and make a world of difference to a family in need this Christmas. With every Extraordinary Gift, you will receive a card to pass on to your loved one, showing them the kind of difference their gift could make.

Call to prayer letter from Rev David Gray - November 2020

Every day at 6pm, stop what you are doing and spare 5 minutes to pray for as David sets out in the letter below.

Remembrance Sunday - video from our service available here


One Thousand Men - poem by Joshua Dyer 2019 aged 14.

Tearfund Action

Please see the attached information from Tearfund using this link

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – where I live – climate change isn’t just a future threat. It’s a reality that is endangering the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable in my country.

Over the last few years, there’s been a big increase in both heavy rainfall and drought in different parts of the country. Flash floods have affected over a million people. Houses have been destroyed, livelihoods lost and public infrastructure damaged. In other places drought is forcing people to use unsafe water sources, which causes disease. 

My people are paying the price for climate change, which Ethiopia is not the primary contributor to.

Already, many Tearfund supporters have called on the UK government to seize this opportunity for action, which could transform millions of lives in countries like mine. Your voice is needed to make sure the message gets through and influences our leaders. Will you join in by signing The Climate Coalition’s declaration

Also from Tearfund... New life is a precious gift: helping pregnant refugees access healthcare. Read more here

Harvest poem


Seeds of Life by Helen Kinnett

The farmer sows the grain,

Father God sends sun and rain,

The seeds start to grow,

Signs of new life begin to show,

The plants are tall and long,

Growing healthy, straight and strong,

Help us, O God, to be fruitful like the grain,

Let seeds of life bring, compassion to our world again,

Help us to spiritually grow,

God’s love to others show,

Help us create a world, where all belong,

Where our faith is constant, pure and strong.

Harvest time does begin,

All the crops are gathered in,

For his work the farmer is paid,

Bread from his supply of wheat is made,

And so the cycle of life rolls around,

As the farmer sows the grain in the ground,

A time to hope does begin,

Help us free the world from sin,

Jesus died, so the price of our wickedness is paid,

Forgiveness is obtained and the bread of life is made,

So pray that justice and peace is found,

Be like good seeds, growing true, in fertile ground.

God the Father, up above,

Sows the seeds and reaps the love.

News from Becks - check out the latest from Sachibondu

Wendy Tucker's welcome service at Cirencester Methodist Church

Sunday 6th September  - click to view on YouTube using the link below. (not you will get routed to YouTube.

Ever wondered where places in the bible are... check out this map.


Love Feast cake - review our service


Thy Kingdom Come 2020

Thy Kingdom Come looked different this year due to COVID-19. But still, Christians in more than 170 countries gathered online, bowed their knees in prayer and lifted their voices in hope as we all prayed, Thy Kingdom Come!

We hope that you enjoy this year’s wrap-up video, which gives just a taste of all that happened across the world. Thank you to everyone who got involved! 

The service includes contributions from Pope Francis, Archbishop Justin, Archbishop Sentamu, Archbishop Angaelos, Pastor Agu, Methodist Youth President, Thelma Commey, Heidi Crowter, an advocate for people with Downs Syndrome, prayers from children, Bible readings from young people and a special multilingual version of the Lord's Prayer.

 Worship was led by Matt Redman including a special music collaboration created especially for Thy Kingdom Come. Check out this version of Amazing Grace.

The Irish Blessing

Rev Eric Renouf was the Minister at Stratton in the 1970's. Take a look at his journey to  VE Day captured on video and text for children at the school where his Grandson (Stephen Blake teaches). Click on Eric's photo. 


Rev David Gray's Blog

David was minister at Stratton some years ago. Follow his 'Not a normal vicar' blog and keep up to date with his ministry. 

Rev David Gray

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