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Thy Kingdom Come - Pentecost service 31st May

The service includes contributions from Pope Francis, Archbishop Justin, Archbishop Sentamu, Archbishop Angaelos, Pastor Agu, Methodist Youth President, Thelma Commey, Heidi Crowter, an advocate for people with Downs Syndrome, prayers from children, Bible readings from young people and a special multilingual version of the Lord's Prayer.

 Worship was led by Matt Redman including a special music collaboration created especially for Thy Kingdom Come. Check out this version of Amazing Grace.

The Irish Blessing


Reboot Campaign - the coronavirus crisis has changed the way we see the world. It’s reminded us of the fragility of life and exposed deep inequalities in society. As churches and communities adapt to find new ways to be a light in the darkness, many are re imagining what life could be like.

We don’t have to go back to the old system that keeps people living in poverty and damages the environment. Together, we can protect those most vulnerable in this crisis, and reboot the economy in a fair, sustainable way. We’re calling for a world that allows every person to flourish – along with all of creation.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a better reality together. You have a vital role to play in shaping this future. Will you join us in calling for change? Click here.

MHA Sunday - 14 June


MHA Sunday will be held on 14 June, and this year we will be holding a virtual service of reflection at 3pm. Together, we will be reflecting on the experience and stories of the past couple of months and also remembering those we have sadly lost during this time. The service is open to all and will be accessible via the MHA Sunday webpage at 3pm on the day. Please share with family and friends and if possible you may want to broadcast the service to residents. The service will be available to view at any time after 3pm on 14 June if you cannot make the live-streamed time.

Thy Kingdom Come

Resources on the Thy Kingdom Come  website. Plus two videos, the first recently written, second from 2018.

Rev Eric Renouf was the Minister at Stratton in the 1970's. Take a look at his journey to  VE Day captured on video and text for children at the school where his Grandson (Stephen Blake teaches). Click on Eric's photo. 


Rev David Gray's Blog

David was minister at Stratton some years ago. Follow his 'Not a normal vicar' blog and keep up to date with his ministry. 

Rev David Gray

The Story of Jesus

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ followers as they travel on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus and get talking to someone who gives them the biggest surprise of all!

A Methodist Way of Living


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