Stratton Methodist Church

History of Stratton Methodist Church

Primitive Methodism came to Lower Stratton in 1825.

The first Primitive Methodist Chapel was located in Swindon Road, Stratton St Margaret and later was converted into two cottages in 1892 when the current chapel was built. The 'new' chapel was built in Ermin Street, Stratton, where it still stands today, although it looks very different from the picture below (taken in 1842).


'New' chapel

Before 1939, tennis courts were at the back of the church hall, sold off for housing in 1990's to fund the building of a new hall.


The manse, built in 1959/60 photographed in 1987.


Old front of church

Inside the Church before the organ was built, lit by gas light. 

The banner 'Sing unto the Lord' was painted by W Bramwell Hill, aged 14.