Stratton Methodist Church

Bible Journaling

Bible what? You can’t write in that!

I connect with God whilst I am sat,

Being still, making a creative journal page,

Love and blessings, as I faithfully engage,

Each time I open my Bible to write,

Journaling on my faith, it shines God’s light,

Over a Bible verse that never before, I’ve read,

Understanding its meaning, I’m creatively led,

Receiving God’s word,

Nearer to God, His voice I heard,

Anytime, alone, lost in thought; be still,

Linking with God, a Bible journaling page will,

Inspire, encourage, expanding my faith, share,

New Bible verses, I am knowing God’s care,

Growing each time, my faith becomes strong,

In the family of God I truly belong.


Bible journal, kit, or pretty notebook,

I design a cover, I design a ‘look’,

Being quiet, making a page of prayer,

Listen for God’s presence, be aware,

Every new journal, I open to write,

Journaling brings me joy; it brings me delight,

Over a favourite Bible verse, that many times I’ve read,

Uploading its special meaning, into my head,

Reaching out in an imaginative way,

New devotion to a faithful God today,

A time of thoughtfulness; using decorative skill,

Learning about God, a Bible journal will,

Illuminate, inform, showing creative flair,

New Bible messages, showing me God’s care,

Gaining each time, my belief it grows,

I am a child of God and it shows.


Bible cards can be used for many reasons,

I like to mark verses in Isaiah, Psalms and Ephesians,

Bible passages and hymn words, with my imagery to display,

Lose myself in artistic endeavour, pause; contemplate, as I pray,

Each journaling idea, what to make, I decide,

Jesus, God and Holy Spirit, will guide,

Opens my heart,

Unique, inspirational art,

Reading the Bible, poetry and making notes,

New illustrations, and meaningful quotes,

A time of peace, a time of reflection,

Leisurely hobby; faith, with a Godly connection,

Inking, die-cutting, painting, embossing, I’m making patterns and shapes,

Numerous ways of expressing feelings; using stickers and washi tapes,

God’s love, mercy and grace, I know what it means,

Reminding me He cares, historically setting scenes.