Stratton Methodist Church

Poem - Cornerstone


Christ our foundation stone,

Omnipresent, we are never alone,

Redeemer, Risen King,

Night and day, Your praises we sing,

Every morning, we think of You,

Remember Your love in all we do,

Strong and steadfast, our solid ground,

These things in You are found,

Our rock, our strong tower,

Nurture us, help us flower,

Encircle us Lord, with Your power.


Christ our mainstay,

Our support every single day,

Reassurance, essence, inspiration, core,

Night and day, Your Kingdom we explore,

Every afternoon, we believe in You,

Remember Your honesty in all we do,

Saviour and comforter, our friend,

Trust; to rely on You, we can depend,

Our fortress, our shield from disaster,

Nurture us, help our faith to grow faster,

Enfold us in Your everlasting arms, Lord our Master.


Christ our assurance, by God we are blessed,

Only through Him, can we be elevated to our best,

Ready to listen when we pray,

Night and day, show us Your way,

Every evening, we thank You,

Remember Your will in all we do,

Stillness and strength, ignite in us a flame,

That we may worship Your holy name,

Our peace, bringing us harmony,

Nurture us, be the root to our tree,

Embrace us, only You can set us free.


Christ our anchor, our cornerstone,

Overcame death, our sins to atone,

Refresh, renew, sustain, restore,

Night and day, help us know You more,

Every night, we pray to You,

Remember Your grace in all we do,

Son of God, kindle Your love in our heart,

Thank You Lord that we’re never apart,

Our refuge, our fortification,

Nurture us, grow Your nation,

Encourage us, knowing You is our elation.