Stratton Methodist Church

Poem - My Lighthouse God

Portland Lighthouse

When wrestling with strife,

Facing the troubles of life,

You chase away all my doubt,

And show me what love is about,

When I fail, You embrace,

And bless me with Your grace,

Anchored to You,

Safe in all I do,

Your love, it inspires me,

All of my trust is placed in Thee,

Through the storm,

Your friendship is warm,

On my journey of life, I can depart,

Knowing You is the courage in my heart,

A lighthouse in my turbulent sea,

Showing your light, You protect me,

When life is hard, full of conflict and violence,

You are my refuge, You are my silence,

You will bring me safe to shore, I know,

Held in Your arms, You won’t let me go,

In all of life’s questions, when things don’t go as I planned,

Then all of the troubles in my life, I place in Your hands,

You are a gift more precious than gold,

I believe in You, your truth will hold,

When life is a trial,

Your love makes me smile,

In my life’s stormy sea,

God You always comfort me,

On my journey of faith, I can depart,

Knowing You is the peace in my heart,

The lighthouse in my troubled sea,

Sharing Your light, You guide me,

My lighthouse God, in a stormy sea,

You lift me up to all that I might be,

A beacon of hope,

Shining bright, helping me cope,

I will follow You, all of my days,

I will try to live, by all of Your ways,

My lighthouse God, in a stormy sea,

You lift me up to all that I should be,

I will learn to trust in You,

I will worship, in all I do,

Through life’s storms, You carry me,

A lighthouse to rescue, from a choppy sea,

Safe on firm ground,

Your love will surround,

Whatever today brings,

You lift me up on eagle’s wings,

Tomorrow I won’t fear,

Because You are near,

Each new morning, as the storm breaks,

God You forgive, all my mistakes,

I will rise up and sing,


My lighthouse God, He will bring,

Gifts to me beyond all earthly measure,

My God’s love, from heaven is a treasure,

In the storms I face, God leads me through,

He lights me up, gives me life anew,

On my journey of belief, I can depart,

Knowing You is the blessing in my heart,

My lighthouse God, in my stormy sea,

Spreading Your light, you save me,

My lighthouse God, You are my light,

A haven of love, day and night,

God before us, You are the Holy fire,

To know You better, is my only desire,

You are the brightest and the best,

In Your rays of love, I find my rest,

Throughout my storm,

Your friendship remains warm,

My lighthouse God, in a stormy sea,

You lift me up to all that I can be.