Stratton Methodist Church

God the Farmer

God the farmer, plants the seeds,

Tends His people, supplies their needs,

God’s love, a place that is safe,

Sowing, growing, nurturing faith,

God’s grace, a place without fear,

Harmony, blessing, God is near,

God’s mercy, a place of caring,

Fellowship, sharing, never despairing,

God’s love, a harvest safely gathered in,

Planting, feeding, forgiving sin,

God’s grace, a harvest store,

Encouraging; giving worship, we adore,

God’s mercy, a harvest foundation,

Justice, equality, food for each nation,

God the farmer, sends the sun,

Warms the soil, rebirth has begun,

God the farmer, showers the rain,

Wets the soil, swells the grain,

Sun and rain, moisture and heat,

Produces food, for all the world to eat,

God the farmer, in the gentle breeze,

Love, grace and mercy, harvest gifts are these,

Given to you and given to me,

Given to all, unconditionally,

God the farmer, helps the crops thrive,

Signs of new life, start to come alive,

God the farmer, only reaps what he sows,

With seeds of faith planted in His people, He knows,

That each of His faith seeds, when rooted carefully,

Faith as small as a mustard seed, soon becomes a tree,

He asks us all to be a pilgrim,

Sowing His Word, by believing in Him,

On a Christian journey of discovery,

God’s love, grace and mercy, given free,

God the farmer, attends the plough,

His people will grow, only He knows how,

God of harvest, He chooses me,

As a disciple for Him to be,

Spreading a harvest of light, all around,

Faith it grows, even in stony ground,

That seed of friendship, planted by you,

Inspiring faith, that’s what a kind word can do,

A thoughtful deed,

With faith will succeed,

So plant only good seeds, don’t plant doubts,

Don’t let others, destroy the sprouts,

So stand up for what is right,

Bring to someone’s life, healing light,

Chase any darkness away,

Be God’s sunbeam today,

In God’s love, deeply rooted,

A grain of faith is gently shooted,

Stretching out,

Becoming devout,

Be a good influence for all,

Showing God, by answering His call,

Harvesting kindness,

Discourages blindness,

Open your eyes to see,

Just how faithful God will be,

Because God is merciful,

Gracefully loving, to all,

Harvest faith, let it grow,

Know God’s grace, let it show,

Share everything you have and own,

Spread God’s Word, let His love be known,

Show mercy to others and forgive,

Set a Godly example, of how to live,

Harvest of the fragile earth,

Wheat makes flour, it has its worth,

Feeds the people, makes them grow,

They are thankful, God’s love they know,

Harvest of the fruitful land,

Nourishing the people is what God planned,

Restores the people, makes them heal,

They are grateful, God’s grace they feel,

Harvest of the abundant field,

Feeds the people, with its yield,

When a seed of faith grows, they believe,

They are sheltered, God’s mercy they receive,

Then harvest of a different kind,

Harvest of the Christian mind,

Then harvest faithful thoughts today,

Harvest love as you pray,

Then harvest grace,

For the human race,

Then harvest mercy, freedom for all,

Open the door, don’t build a wall,

Then maybe,

You will see,

That God the farmer, plants the seeds,

Tends His people, supplies their needs.