Stratton Methodist Church


To be tempted by the devil it’s said,

Into the desert, Jesus by the Spirit was led,

The devil had developed a ploy,

Jesus’ resolve he would try to destroy,

The devil began to speak,

To tempt Jesus he did seek,

“So, here’s a suggestion from me,

Because I know you feel hungry,

This isn’t just a chance meeting,

You’ve gone forty nights without eating,

So, turn these stones into bread,

After fasting for forty days, you’ll be fed,

If you are God’s Son,

Anything by you can be done,

Use your skill,

To jump from Jerusalem’s temple at will,

The Lord God will dispatch,

His angels, they will catch,

Then safe in their arms

You’ll come to no harms,

They will hold you up by the hand,

Not even your feet will be hurt, that’s what’s planned,

Now climb this very high mountain to see,

All that you can be given by me,”

All the kingdoms of the world he was showed,

Then the devil started to goad,

“But remember, it doesn’t come for free,

Just kneel down, to worship me.”

But Jesus replied,

“To tempt me, devil, you’ve tried,

But I am not tempted to eat this stone,

Man cannot live by bread alone,

We need to listen to God’s word,

Whenever he speaks, he must be heard,

To follow the scriptures is best,

Do not put the Lord your God to the test,

Satan, go away,

This is what the scriptures say,

Worship the Lord your God only,

(With God on your side, you’ll never be lonely),

Peace and joy,

Satan you can’t destroy.”

Then the devil reluctantly departed,

He’d already failed before he started,

Then Jesus got the help from the angels that he needed,

The temptations of the devil had not succeeded.