Stratton Methodist Church

        Poem - Friend


What does your friendship mean to me?

Read my words and I hope you’ll see,

To write how I feel, I’ve really tried,

Friendship with you, fills me with pride,

These are some ways I think of you,

Be friends for life, I hope you want to,

It isn’t always easy to fully explain,

So I’ve expressed how I feel, in a poem again,

It goes some way to show how I think, just in part,

Of how I feel about this unique friend, in my heart,

Alpha and Omega, beginning and end,

Having your friendship, I highly recommend.

You plant in me, faith, as a seed,

You help me have all I need,

All there is about me to know; you know,

You nurture me, you help me grow,

I blossom in you,

Share friendship in all I do,

You are the plant, you make me the flower,

You lift me up in my darkest hour,

I am the branch because you are the vine,

Being your friend makes me feel sublime,

So I spread the seeds of faith that you’ve planted in me,

It only takes a tiny mustard seed to grow a big tree.

On days when I am lonely,

I think of you only,

Blessings from heaven above,

Your friendship equals love,

Then you lift me up and you hold me there,

You comfort me and you always care,

You hold me fast in a warm embrace,

Your concern for me, full of grace,

All of my life, I should have known,

With you as my friend, I am never alone.

You are my rock,

Life’s building block,

You pick me up and set me right, when I fall,

You are my brick, my strong, supportive wall,

My foundation stone, my solid base,

When I am down, you put a smile on my face,

A safe haven, fortress, my stronghold,

Your friendship is warm, it never goes cold,

Your compassion for me, is vast and wide,

On life’s pathway, you are my guide.

You know my intention, I don’t have to pretend,

You show mercy and tenderness to me, a true friend,

I don’t have to ask, your arms you extend,

Constant companion, my reliable friend,

By me, you stand,

You give, not demand,

Always just, always fair,

Always kind, always care.

I feel you with me, when I pray,

You want to know what I want to say,

You always listen to my every word,

My hopes and fears by you are heard,

Your consideration for me cannot be denied,

Empathy and understanding, you will provide,

Your friendship is a great gift to me,

No need to explain, I can just ‘be’,

Your friendship is my treasure,

Something I value, beyond measure,

Your unconditional friendship you give,

Making my life easier to live,

Your friendship I return,

How to be your friend, daily I learn.

You know me both inside and out,

You always support me, that’s what friendship’s about,

You walk beside me, both day and night,

Leading me on, your hope is my light,

On days in my life, when I despaired,

You reached out to me and showed that you cared,

You stay with me,

You set me free,

Your compassion takes away all my sadness,

With you as my friend, my heart fills with gladness,

You offer me words of healing,

You know just how I am feeling,

You whisper consolation in my ear,

You don’t just listen, you always hear,

You fight my corner and defend,

Always beside me, being my friend,

In my times when I’m troubled,

Your closeness to me is doubled.

I know by your grace and forgiveness, I am blessed,

In Jesus, my friend, I find my perfect rest,

Immortal, invisible God, I cannot see,

But you always protect and shelter me,

You always show me kindness and love,

Holy Spirit, you bring me peace like a dove,

You stay in my life from my birth, to my end,

Master and Saviour; Father God, you’re my friend,

When I am lost, you hold my hand,

You’re my one set of footprints in the sand,

You know who I am, how I think, how I feel,

We have a silent connection, which makes ours a friendship so real,

Mixed together; we are the perfect blend,

For all of my life, you will be my friend.