Stratton Methodist Church

The bunting is back

Last year when our dear Queen Elizabeth II sadly departed,

The reign of Prince Charles, as our new king, it started,

The Prince of Wales, no more was he,

But now Head of State, King of Country,

Princely duties were left behind,

Your role as Sovereign yet to be defined,

From childhood it was your fate,

Destined to become, our Head of State,

We looked back on the life of our dear queen,

What her reign, to the nations, did mean,

Queen Elizabeth the Second,

When the everlasting arms of God beckoned,

You left a gap in our heart,

Knowing from now on that we were apart,

But we knew how much you were loved, as the queue was never small,

To say goodbye, as we filed past your coffin, in Westminster Hall,

As a mark of respect to our dearest queen,

Rows of bunting in our windows were seen,

Like a standing ovation,

The tribute of our nation,

Union Jacks in the windows were hung,

And the rule of our new Sovereign had begun,

It’s hard to explain all that it meant,

To be involved in this historical event,

King Charles III, ascend,

As head of our church, our faith defend,

Carrying on tradition from generation to generations,

King of our time, ruler of our nations,

For His Majesty, King Charles the third,

The National Anthem, changed a word,

Instead of queen, now we patriotically sing,

God save; our gracious king!

Tour of Britain, tour of each nation,

A new king is announced, by proclamation,

King’s Speech,

Heartfelt outreach,

A promise of lifelong service was made,

His faith so deeply rooted, he prayed,

That each person would have the ability to touch,

Others with goodness and compassion so much,

To comfort each other throughout life,

To shine a light in times of strife,

To shine our light, in the world around,

Humility in service to others is found,

We can find that hope for the future lies,

In the gentle kindness that shines from our eyes.

A Coronation Weekend is declared,

Plans for the commemoration are prepared,

Events planned, the lands around,

Our King, Charles, needs to be crowned,

Ceremonial, celebratory and community events are the way,

To mark this historic occasion today,

King’s Coronation,

National celebration!

Come rain, or shine, in unpredictable British weather,

We will watch the Coronation Concert, cheering together,

The Coronation Choir,

Lift their anthem higher,

The Virtual Choir of the Commonwealth sing,

Coronation Concert, in honour of their king,

Coronation Choir, made up from Community Choirs across the UK,

Refugees, NHS, LGBTQ+ and deaf signing choirs today,

Join with singers across the Commonwealth, in lighting up the nation,

Sing; sing with joy; sing; sing with elation,

At the Coronation Big Lunch, communities will share celebration fun,

Neighbours come out, hoping for friendship and sun,

Break out the bunting, for a patriotic display,

Communities share food and laughter, on this special day.

Have you heard about,

The Big Help Out?

As a tribute to the king’s public service, will you,

Find an opportunity in your community to,

Help out, be a listening ear,

Offer yourself up as a volunteer?

Red, white and blue,

For an emblem that’s new,

The Union Flag, its representations,

The coming together of our nations,

The Coronation Emblem, the badge with meaning at its roots,

To King Charles’ love of the natural world, it pays tributes,

For England, the flower, the rose,

From the apex of the crown it grows,

For Scotland, the thistle, shows its face,

At the edge of the crown, it has its space,

For Northern Ireland, the shamrock, in its place,

Of the design of the crown, it forms the base,

For Wales, the daffodil, gently grows,

Representing its country, it symbolically shows,

That each national symbol, each separate part,

Forms St. Edward’s Crown, at its heart,

And that under King Charles’ royal command,

The United Kingdom, is our homeland,

Queen Mary’s Crown, adjusted, adapted, reused,

For the Queen Consort’s sustainability views.

Before God, sins are confessed,

In Jerusalem, Coronation oil is blessed,

In tradition rooted and grounded,

The third Carolean age, is founded,

Cut through the pageantry to see,

The man, the King, His Majesty,

Charles III, regal, royal,

Gives his service to us, so loyal,

With Her Majesty, Queen Consort, Camilla, by his side,

Coronation Day arrived, an occasion of national pride,

And to celebrate King Charles III, as one of the best of men,

The bunting was back; back in our windows again,

Bunting displayed, to welcome our new king,

As flags were waved, the National Anthem, we sing,

Westminster Abbey prepares,

The Coronation on TV shares,

The King’s Procession,

Making a grand impression,

Once more, the bunting is back,

Stuck up, with the aid of Blu-tac!

A day for our king to make a solemn vow,

As ruler for all, our peoples now,

To carry the impact of his Mummy’s reign, in his heart,

Doing his best, to be good king from the start,

The King and Queen Consort approach,

Westminster Abbey, in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach,

The horses are proud, that they are allowed,

To pull the Royal couple, through the Coronation crowd,

The Archbishop of Canterbury leads King Charles to the throne,

His future mapped out, no longer unknown,

Using the Ampulla and Coronation Spoon,

With Chrism holy oil, you’ll be anointed soon,

St. Edward’s Crown,

On your head, placed down,

The Crown Jewels represent,

All that this Coronation Ceremony meant,

The period is over to mourn,

Coronation Regalia and robes adorn,

You’ve confessed before God, all your sins,

Your Investiture; begins,

Sovereign’s Orb, in your hand arrived,

Reminds that your power, from God is derived,

Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross, is given,

Temporal power by good governance, is driven,

Sacred objects that to us relate,

Your power and responsibilities, as Head of State,

King Charles III is blessed and anointed,

When as Sovereign he’s appointed.

Our King is crowned,

And all around,

Cheers and celebrating can be heard,

Hip, hip, hooray! for King Charles the third.

The Coronation Service reflects,

How the Monarch’s rule today respects,

How the future image of Great Britain,

By future generations, is written,

Then from Westminster Abbey, you’re led,

The Imperial State Crown on your head,

When returning to the palace by road,

The Coronation Procession, it showed,

Everything that it meant,

To witness this ceremonial event,

Then the new King and Queen approach,

Buckingham Palace in the Gold State Coach,

In that ancient carriage; uncomfortably seated,

By cheers of the crowd, they will be greeted,

We remember fondly, the service that Queen Elizabeth II gave,

As the Royal Family, from the Buckingham Palace balcony, wave,

As we look to the newly crowned King,

What will his service bring?

We pray that in your reign, regal and royal,

Like Queen Elizabeth II, dutifully, you will toil,

A King for our time,

Your leadership will define,

How we embrace a new Sovereign age,

How you will be judged, on history’s page,

As we look at all the bunting, back on display,

For your reign as King, we take time to pray,

As you are crowned,

May God surround,

You with His gentle grace,

May the love of God, light your face,

Helping you to follow your kingly call,

Standing upright, standing tall,

Accepting your responsibility and power,

To be a good king, every day, every hour,

As the crowds line the streets to see,

Coronation Service and Pageantry,

King of our time,

We hope you shine.