Stratton Methodist Church

Poem - Light

Little match, strike a light!

Dissolve the darkness of the night,

Little candle, burning bright,

Banishing darkness, bringing light,

Little torch, flick a switch, on,

Darkness of feelings, please be gone,

Darkness of the heart, take flight,

Be replaced, by God’s love and light,

Lighting up a troubled mind,

Light of God, gentle and kind,

Thinking bad thoughts, in a world that’s black,

Jesus the light, shines through the smallest crack,

To radiate light, that’s my goal,

Banish darkness from my soul,

Make me clean inside and pure,

So my light, shines out more,

Spreading light to all I meet, everywhere,

I shine my light, to show I care,

Darkness, in my life have no role,

The light of the Lord, makes me whole,

Wiping out all dark deeds,

Harvesting light, planting seeds,

Darkness can no longer grow,

If I let, my little light show,

Transforming light comes from within,

Overcoming darkness, cleansing sin,

Be a spark,

In the dark,

Be a lighthouse, a lantern clear,

Reflect the light, far and near,

Be the light of hope, please try,

Like a rainbow, in the sky,

We can all be Jesus’ sunbeams,

Share a light that always gleams,

Beacons blaze,

Light our ways,

Living In God’s Hope Together,

Riding out the stormy weather,

Light, a welcome sight, I know,

Finding comfort in a lamp’s soft glow,

Be a mirror, reflect the light,

Banish darkness out of sight,

Little match, strike my light,

Dissolve my darkness, set me aright,

Little candle, burning bright,

Banish my darkness, bring me light,

Little torch, flick my switch, on,

The darkness of ignorance, finally be gone,

Little light, spread from me,

Little light, for all to see,

Always love, always shine,

Light of the World, light divine,

Little flame, flicker now,

End the darkness, show me how,

Little me, burning bright,

Help me to share Jesus’ light.