Stratton Methodist Church

Gone in a blink

Wildfires rage,

Who earns a fair wage?

Rain pelts,

Ice cap melts,

Seas rise,

Mankind denies,

Will you take action, will you take part?

It’s not my problem, someone else can start?

Did you play a role,

In making the ozone hole?

Famine, hunger, having no food,

It wasn’t me, using oil that’s crude,

What will you do when there is no meat?

How will you feed your family, how will you eat?

And when there is no more clean water to drink,

Will you eat insects instead, will you stop to think?

Floods cause destruction, that surely isn’t good,

But don’t need to worry, it’s not in my neighbourhood?

Earthquakes cause damage, beyond repair,

Are you aware, do you even care?

When landslides are making all the cliffs crumble,

Slipping and sliding, will you rescue, or stumble?

Snowfall and avalanches, tumble, crash; chasing downhill,

Nothing to do with you? Is that what you believe still?

Disaster and mayhem all around,

Left up to you, will a solution be found?

What will you do, will you despair?

Climate change, no more polar bear!

What will you do if mankind should fall?

Not my fault, didn’t cause it at all?

When the world is destroyed, will you be missed?

Hinder, or help, you’ll appear on which list?

Is it too late to do anything now?

Change your actions, do you even know how?

What will your personal attitude be?

I can’t make a difference, nothing to do with me?

Is the concept that you can help, too strange?

Take action now, it’s time to change,

Don’t blame others, when it’s down to you,

Will your mindset alter, what will you do?

God made the world but he isn’t to blame,

Don’t use that as an excuse, to dishonour his name,

God is not responsible for the mess that you’ve made,

Do something now, your involvement can’t be delayed,

Will you deny responsibility, wait until it’s too late?

Leave it to chance, in the hands of fate?

To make it stop, what will you do?

Do you have any idea, do you have any clue?

Will you take action, while there is still time?

Or will you refuse, and deny the decline?

Will you see sense?

Or will you sit on the fence?

What can you do, how can you change your ways?

Or no more penguins; only bleak, empty days?

When there are no more birds in the sky,

Admit your responsibility, or will you wonder why?

Think of all God’s creatures on earth,

When they are extinct, what are they worth?

No more honey because there are no more bees,

No more vegetables, plants, or trees,

No more flowers,

Blazing sun for hours,

And with that scoring sun on your head,

As crops are burnt, how will you be fed?

When there is, no shade to cool,

Will you finally admit, you’ve been a fool?

Is a throwaway society, your only devotion?

The plastic you waste, is choking our ocean,

Where will we be,

With no fish in the sea?

When the dolphins are gone,

Will you confess, you’ve done wrong?

When red-handed, you’re caught,

Is it still not your fault?

When there’s a landslide, depositing rocks and mud in the sea,

And the beach that you love, is no longer pretty,

When poisonous fumes fill the air,

Will you still sunbathe, without a care?

Then will you admit that you helped to cause this?

When the shore of our coastline is no longer bliss,

For the loss of the natural world, will you be sad and grieve?

But it’s too late to regret, when you can no longer breathe,

The world’s resources are not your toy,

To play with; then discard and destroy,

Is our planet dying?

Because you’re not even trying?

Do you refuse,

To recycle, re-use?

Me? What can I do? I’m only one person,

To taking responsibility, do you have an aversion?

Greenhouse gasses, pollution, toxic emissions,

Nothing to do with me, I didn’t cause these conditions?

Will you leave a trail of destruction in your wake?

Will you consider strangers, in the decisions you make?

Will you bury your head in the sand?

Or love your neighbour, as your God commands?

Will you confess to the part that you played?

Or stand back as our world is decayed?

What can I gain? Not what can I give?

I’m telling you now, that’s no way to live!

When all that remains, is a barren wasteland,

Did you cause that by accident, or was it planned?

When you look to the world ahead,

What will you do when there’s no bread?

No flour, no rice, no grain,

It’s all been washed away by the rain,

No beans, no pulses, no berries,

No nuts, no fruit, no blossoming cherries,

When the landscape is bared,

Will you wish that you’d cared?

When the land is barren and dead,

Will you wish you’d taken action instead?

When absolutely nothing and nobody remains,

Will you wish that you’d gone to great pains?

To make amends,

And treat everyone as friends?

To search your heart,

And do your part?

To stop the situation getting worst,

Be kind and put others first?

Looking back, do you think that you should,

Have done everything to help that you could?

Will you only realise it’s too late,

When there’s no more food, on your empty plate?

What will it take,

From your apathy to awake?

Will you finally do something, when of God’s creation, there’s no trace?

Or will you simply wait and do nothing; until there’s no human race?

Am I to blame? No, it was started and caused elsewhere?

It’s really not down to me, so why should I care?

I have nothing to fear?

Because it’s not happening here?

So think truthfully about how you’ve acted,

Have your deeds actually impacted,

What happens on earth today?

Is your rainbow world, turned to grey?

So please just try to change your ways,

Be considerate and friendly all your days,

We’re not asking for miracles; please, just do something small,

Before it becomes too late and you have no good influence at all,

Please, listen and understand why,

I’m only asking that you give it a go, just try?

Be delighted,

To be united,

To care, to share,

Spreading God’s love, everywhere,

Otherwise, as we stand together on the brink,

Everything good, is gone in a blink,

Otherwise, as we stand divided on the brink,

God’s creation, is gone in a blink,

Otherwise, as you stand alone on the brink,

Life as you know it, is gone in a blink.