Stratton Methodist Church


God of faith, let each one of us see ourselves and our neighbours in this faith prayer today. Help us to live in faith today and every day. Let us pray:


God of faith,

You keep me safe,

Night and day,

Faithfully, I pray,

Show me how to be,

Reveal my faith, for all to see,

Show me how to act,

To make a faithful impact,

Make me aware,

How in faith, to care,

With faith as small as a mustard seed,

Bring an end to hatred and greed,

Faithful God, help me when I pray,

To think of others in my prayers today,

Help me to plant a faith seed,

To care for all those in need,


You make me whole,

You feed my soul,

You water my roots,

Faith, produces shoots,

Help me to spread your word,

Let my acts of faith be heard,

Help my faith to grow,

Let me share it, with those I know,

Use my faith each hour,

To help strangers to flower,

Reaching out to you,

Faith at the heart of all I do,

Help me plant more seeds,

Don’t let faith, be strangled by weeds,

Help my life to be fruitful,

Equip me Lord, to answer your call,

Take away my doubt,

Show me what faith should be about,

Faithful God, you always care,

By my side, always there,

Let my faith be like a light,

Faith on display, not out of sight,

Help me to be more like you,

Reflecting my faith in all that I do,

Help me when, in faith, I pray,

To know the words I need to say,

Show me how to live,

Teach me how to give,

Bringing faith to all peoples on the earth,

God’s love, is a gift, of priceless worth,

Faithful God, grant us renewed faith, I pray,

To love, bless and serve each other, every day.