Stratton Methodist Church

Poem - Fellowship

In the Bible, Acts, the book,

2:42, that’s where to look,

The fellowship of the believers,

They devoted themselves to be givers, not receivers,

The apostles’ teaching, fellowship to show,

So the people share and grow,

Breaking bread, helping those who fall,

The lost and lonely, to hear God’s call,

Walk beside me every day,

Hold my hand when we pray,

Be a pillar of fire, guiding light, a cloud,

Don’t keep faith to yourself, shout it aloud,

Always be more than a friend,

Alpha, Omega, beginning and end,

Always remember in all that you do,

To God to say thank you,

Don’t just give what you don’t want, the spare,

You’ll get back much more when you share,

So share the best, give all you can,

Help and support your fellow man,

Koinonia, the word from the Greek,

To all peoples our fellowship should speak,

Help us to understand and learn God’s way,

Show His path, in all we say,

Jesus around the world

Form a family, follow Jesus, focus on God, have vision, see,

Breathe in the Holy Spirit; breathe; Trinity,

Encourage, support, always be there,

Be gentle and kind, wise and fair,

Look out for each other,

To every child be a mother,

Love all the people you wouldn’t rather,

Love everyone, be like the Father,

Openly welcome those abused by life and defeated,

Treat others as you’d like to be treated,

Works of charity, kindness, do a good deed,

The weary and worn down, help those in need,

Shape each other by the love and patience you show,

Love one another, as God loves you, wherever you go,

Help the hungry, the homeless, the hopeless, in their plight,

Give; give your all, like the widow’s mite,

Inspire, inform, don’t tear asunder,

Always question, always wonder,

Peoples promising to live in harmony, problems cease,

Pull together, not push apart, pray for peace,

Always listen, always hear,

Always know God is near,

Praise is rising, to the splendour of the King,

Come together, worship, sing,

So draw me close to you, never let me go,

Come together, fellowship will show,


Help me know you are near,

Show me there’s, no place for fear,

As we meet in fellowship together,

Faithful God, through stormy weather,

On the Fellow Ship, staying afloat,

To the apostles’ teaching, our lives devote,

In fellowship, new life has begun,

Saved and loved, through Jesus the Son,

Early Methodists were placed in groups for fellowship sharing,

Helping them to have more understanding and be caring,

Blessing each other, pouring out Godly affection,

To strive as one, for Wesley’s Christian perfection,

We are called to love, that’s all,

Break down barriers, don’t build a wall,

Dare to know the stranger, the foreigner, the outsider,

Treat all the same way, then fellowship spreads wider,

Dorcas was known for her kind acts, alms-giving,

Showing fellowship through how she was living,

A female disciple, in God’s compassion believing,

Helping when widows of Joppa, were grieving,

Showing them all, God’s love to know,

Making them clothes, because she could sew,

Have empathy, show God’s grace,

To all peoples in the human race,

Grace, God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense,

Have opinions, don’t sit on the fence,


Grace, a bridge from God to you,

Share His grace in all you do,

We made a map with our church its central hub,

Fellowship is not a private, elusive club,

Speak kindly to those who live by you,

‘til you share a common view,

We looked at the stories of Winnie the Pooh,

He knew what fellowship meant, do you?

We can learn a lot from the sayings of this honey-loving bear,

The importance of fellowship, He shows you how to care,

Piglet asked, “How do you spell love?”, he wished he knew,

“You don’t spell it, you feel it.” replied wise bear Pooh,

Respect, journey together, explore,

Be a better person than you were before,

Feel, Embrace, Listen, Love,

Share the peace, be a dove,

Oneness, openness, unite as a whole,

Work towards a mutual goal,

Seek God, assemble, share,

Help others, show you care,

Include all as equals, be fair,

Gather together, say a Prayer,

This Holy Habit poem of fellowship showing,

How as a church, I hope we are growing.

Fellowship - by Helen Kinnett