Stratton Methodist Church

Poem - Pray

Once upon a time, one day,

A tiny baby was too young to pray,

God blesses each baby, He loves them all,

Even when to pray, they are too small,

“God bless every girl and boy,

Bring them peace, bring them joy”,

This is a mother’s heartfelt prayer,

To show her child, her loving care.


Once upon a time, one day,

A little girl knelt down to pray,

“Being good is a promise I’ll keep,

Let angels watch me while I sleep,

God bless my mum and God bless my dad,

They love me, it makes me feel glad,

Lord, help me to know you are near,

Whisper Your love in to my ear.”


Once upon a time, one day,

An unruly teenager didn’t want to pray,

She went to town, she came home drunk,

Dyed her hair, became a punk,

She did not pray, her faith was spent,

She stormed out of home and lived in a tent,

Time stood still, or time moved steadily on,

It made no difference, for her prayer was gone.


Once upon a time, one day,

A mature student didn’t have time to pray,

She studied hard, she worked her brain,

But she didn’t know how to pray again,

She rushed about, so much to do,

Father God, she didn’t make any time for You,

She had moved on from her life, in with the wrong crowd,

Her only aim now, was to make her family proud.


Once upon a time, one day,

A nervous bride wanted to but struggled to pray,

“God, are You still there?

Father God, do You still care?

Help me on my wedding day,

A prayer to You, finally to say,

God bless my mum and God bless my dad,

That they forgive me, I’m so glad.”


Once upon a time, one day,

A pregnant woman was desperate to pray,

“Father God, forgive me today,

For all the times I couldn’t pray,

When overcome with human emotion,

I had no time for prayer and devotion,

As I struggled with getting my head around the notion,

Of Your love for me, as vast as the ocean?”


Once upon a time, one day,

A new-born baby was too young to pray,

A child is blessed by a mother’s embrace,

God surrounds each baby, with His grace,

A family helps each child to learn and grow,

The love of God, to know and to show,

To have a happy home, a safe place,

With God’s love reflected from each infant face.


Once upon a time, one day,

A new mother was too busy to pray,

A daughter to care for,

Her child to adore,

She was too tired and worn out to even think to pray,

And even if she could, she didn’t know what to say,

She soon settled down into a routine, being a mother she enjoyed,

At this point in her life, prayer was something she couldn’t avoid,


Once upon a time, one day,

The mother of an unruly teenager, found strength to pray,

She knew exactly how it felt, not to fit in,

So to pray earnestly, she could finally begin,

“Father God, she is so like me,

Ease her pain, set her free,

Lord, I too was lost, help her not to turn away from You,

I truly understand, just what she is going through.”


Once upon a time, one day,

A first time granny had so much to pray,

“Towards You, Lord, I grew colder and colder,

I wish I’d known then, what I know now I’m older,

Prayer is a gentle conversation, I see,

A friendly chat, between You, God, and me,

Prayer can be anytime, any place, anywhere,

God, You always listen, You are always there.”


A life of prayer,

Praise, thanks, care,


A life of prayer,

Worship, repent, share,

A life of prayer,

Each other’s burdens bear,

A life of prayer,

Seek forgiveness, confess, be aware.


Grumble, rant, shout and tell Him off,

God can take all your wrath,

Do this without having any qualms,

This replicates Biblical psalms,

Or use gentle, softly spoken words,

All your prayer by God is heard,

Wherever, whenever, however you pray,

Make time to do it, every day.